tgeg - The Great Equation Graph

The Great Equation Graph is a mathematical tool designed to allow representation of abstract mathematical situations and graphing of equations.

tgeg - The Great Equation Graph


All releases are available on the Project Release page.

Note: the Linux release uses the wxWindows GUI library, which you will need to download separately. You can find everything you need here, including GTK+ if you don't already have it (you probably do).

Check out the project documentation for detailed installation instructions.

tgeg 0.0.1
The original DOS release of tgeg makes it easy to graph functions and conic sections in sixteen lively colours. The most unique feature is the easy ability to graph and modify general conic sections, a very fascinating set of graphs.
tgeg 0.1.0
This Windows/Linux release is a taste of what is yet to come. A new core which allows expressions to be stored in variables makes this release slightly different from its DOS counterpart. The interface is actually more difficult to use than that of the DOS version because only the command-line interface has been implemented thus far. However, once the command-line is mastered, it becomes possible to substitute known variables and evaluate expressions. Because the command syntax will probably change in the next release, there is probably little reason to learn how to use it. Nevertheless, a text document is included which explains how to use the command-line.